Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iranium Syndrome

9/11 New Blame Game

Here we go again, first we blamed Iraq for the 9/11 attack to find an excuse to invade them, now we are eyeing Iran! The new Iranian defectors claimed they had known all along about the Iranian provision and training of 9/11 plane hijackers. No kidding? After ten years of senseless war in Iraq we can’t wait to get engaged in a new venture. How daring! The defectors came forward with much welcomed revelation to stir the pot. But why should we trust them? They could be sold out for the asylum they had been granted and large sums of promised dough, which we try to collect from the Iranian government now by suing a long-proclaimed “Axis of Evil.” What about the other defectors from Iran? Were they muffed? Why those three lucky bastards that became the latest addition to the United States population all of a sudden dropped a bomb? Oddly I anticipated the blame shift. It was only a matter of time before the crooked finger would spin the roulette. Expect huge demonstrations to be staged in the upcoming weeks. Since we couldn’t pin them on WMD, the game has changed.  Once again my old cartoon can go another round. 


  1. Incredible!!! Made in 2004! Did you know something before everyone else?

  2. Psychopaths make the world go round. Businesses, governments, and baby sitters are psychotic. Weapons next to food is the biggest exports for the US. You should add dollar signs to your cartoon and the psychotic vision will be complete for my taste and pleasure.