Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Tangled Rope: Thursday Poem: An Epitaph

A Tangled Rope: Thursday Poem: An Epitaph


  1. I saw this poem on the other blogger site, which hit close to home. So I couldn't resist this burning temptation to add my own verse in the comment section under the title "Sunset". Oddly, It was written almost at the time of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split. Just before their final romantic trip. The seed was already planted and with the last sun ray the poem was born.

  2. Sunset
    By Tatiana Pahlen

    All promises you've made for me, but failed
    To lure to earth the revered loner-moon,
    that shone its light, when words were dim and faint,
    Firm sentiments turned numb on the abridged page,
    this cleared my brain so I could sort it through,
    chilling my fever showing the Milky Way.
    What can I do, when the sky is no more blue
    and cherished roses – our roses no longer red?
    And you, my friend, relive our last sunset:
    Two lonely heads together at the bay,
    where upon no words were moaned or said,
    We watched the waves and blithesome passersby . . .
    What can I do?
    You held my hand and kissed my salty hair;
    It was a bittersweet good-bye.

    July 23, 2001

    Copyright © 2001 Tatianyc. All Rights Reserved.