Sunday, January 29, 2012

Commander in Mis'Chief

Neocons are venomously fighting every competitor, other presidential candidates to nominate their pet, Newt Gingrich, a lying, cheating former Speaker of the House! This chameleon can change in a heart beat into any form on demand of the mob. He contributed to the economic bubble by collecting consulting fees, $1.6 mil from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Being a Washington insider, he knows how to maneuver and collect enforcements from the other crooks backing him for the President in 2012. Nancy Pelosi warned him, that she has a surprise that would blow away his Presidential aspiration. He is not even on the ballot of Virginia, but the creep is not giving up. Let's see how long he is going to last in this race.

On the good note, Ron Paul is the only man of integrity who stood up against bailouts, pre-emptive wars, increasing pay for the Congressmen & other porks. For the past 30 years he is still firmly standing on his principles: pro-life, free market, rights to bear arms, restoring Constitution of the Founding Fathers. And yes, he wants to end the Federal Reserve Bank. That's right, shut it down once and for all. Is it possible? Of course! America didn't have this murky private Bankers before 1913. Time to return to the old American glory and get rid off the leeches! Amen!


  1. The only thing missing is all the underdressed women chasing him but who would chase him.

    1. Who Gingrich? He committed adultery by cheating on his wives. The last one chased after him as soon as she learned he wanted the presidency! The first lady Callista? Nay!

  2. I understand that the playing field was never level. Now I realize that the powerful have tilted the field so far that we have been knocked off. Newt, is delusional and sad. He still thinks that he is on the field and calling the shots. There is not one ounce of leadership in any of these candidates; including Obama. I'm so tired of them all and Washington.

    They pander to the money, their friends and own self interests. Fuck them all. Fuck Newt, Mitt and that douche bag Santorum. While I admire Ron Paul's integrity, consistency, and honesty, he's is not presidential. While in theory getting rid of the fed seems like a cure to our economic ills. It's short sighted and just as delusional as Newt's grandiose ideas.

    In truth no on man will be effective as president. Our system takes care of special interest that can pay. Everyone else is shit out of luck. The only time that we get any attention is when they want us to borrow more money to buy more shit; at ridiculous interests rates.

    At least Benny Hill knew who he was and didn't pretend that his brand of comedy was anything other then what it was. Benny Hill was better then Newt.

  3. Speaking of Rick Santorum, have you ever come across with the name Dan Savage? His satire is hysterical!

    In his website in 2003 he christened this sleaze, Rick a "frothy mixture that sometimes is a byproduct of anal sex"! Not bad eh? In 2011 Santorum attacked Google for not censoring its search results. Now you know who supports internet restrictions and tight control!

    I see Rick as a chorus boy more than a presidential candidate. His mouth earnestly moves when the American hymn is playing during the debates. The phonies Newt & Mitt are lip-syncing and only Ron Paul holds it strong, standing straight with his arm crossing his heart.

    Newt is done and neutered, clipped by the mormon. Did you see the flick with John King guff, calling Mitt Governor Mormon? I posted it below.

    Getting back to Benny Hill, I'll forever miss his wit and luster in his eye, Gingrich is no match, totally agree with you!

    Oops! CNN’s John King Calls Romney ‘Governor Mormon’

  4. Alas, when thinking about Newt an Oscar Wilde quote comes to mind.

    "Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same."